Disney, Glitter and Fashion Show Mall

It’s always a treat when I get to attend a brand new venue in the heart of Las Vegas. I consider it the jelly center of my job. The sweetest part, a nice break-up between emails, phone calls and deadlines. Having the chance to explore any city, for a living, is what I consider a fortune. This week: the newly designed Disney Store at Fashion Show Mall.

Never been to Fashion Show Mall?

Sweet place to shop… think big department stores (Nordys, Macy’s, Saks, Neiman Marcus, etc.) plus boutiques, Top Shop, the Forever 21′s of the retail world, a great food court and awesome restaurants. Then, unlike any mall I’ve shopped at, there’s literally a runway and sequence of models that emerge from the ground. This fashion show (hence the name “Fashion Show Mall”) lights up the place multiple times a day.

Interesting events pop up at this mall, too. It’s located right off the I-15 and Spring Mountain. If you’re a local, we love it because you can enter from the back and never have to drive along Las Vegas Blvd. (aka The Strip). Personally, I love The Strip for all the revenue it generates into Sin City. But, you loathe ever having to drive on it when you call this city “home”.  It’s the only place you’ll find bumper-to-bumper traffic,  any hour of the day.

But, I digress.

So I hit Fashion Show for one reason this week. I had the chance to go behind the scenes of the newly designed Disney Store. This is the latest edition to the Disney Store chain… and special for a couple of reasons. One being that there’s a brand new magic castle set up in the store that will make the inner kid in you, go nuts! And that’s putting it lightly.

There’s this incredible thing you realize about Walt Disney, his imagination and his dream (brand) that continues to live on, even after he’s passed… when you’re at a Disney store, hundreds of miles away from Disneyland, you can feel that magic in the air. For me, the word Disney, the iconic font, all the glitter that swirls in the plastic wands and costume heels… it sparks nostalgia. That’s the POWER of Disney, I tell ya.

This Saturday, the store celebrates it’s “official” grand opening starting at 10 a.m. Mickey and Minnie will be on deck to meet and greet with their fans at noon. Oh, and you don’t want to miss the FREE gift that will be given to the first 500 guests.

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phubbing pic2

It’s a “Phubbing” Generation

The first step to solving an issue, is recognizing the problem, right?  This story couldn’t have come at a better time. This generation of smart-phone users, no matter the age of the user, has turned eye-contact and human connection into a thing of the past! That’s a problem.

In a society that is so interactive via the web, we have GOT to get back to our roots and remember what it’s like to look at someone in the eyes when we’re out to dinner. Or what it’s like to walk with our heads up instead of buried in the smart phone. Whatever is happening on Facebook and Twitter can wait, when we’re spending QT with important people.

I’m a “phubber”… it’s my job to be connected to all things social, but I admit (on-air!) that I need to learn to disconnect.  I think we all have a little phubbing habits to take care of. Are you ready to work on this together?


ktnv roofedited

Sunrise in Sin City

There’s something sweet and surreal about waking up before the sun rises, to deliver the breaking news/trending headlines to all of Las Vegas. I hit the roof top of KTNV-TV this morning to report on the expansion of Dowtown. I couldn’t help but snap a pic or two. It’s not often you feel a cool, desert breeze blow by, while the Las Vegas lights sit still. I’ve never felt so at peace in Las Vegas, until this morning.


While the air was calm, headlines were being made around the globe. Check out some of the stories I reported on, below:



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Happy Birthday, America!

I joined Beth Fisher and Jessica Janner for a special “4th of July” edition of Good Morning Las Vegas, on Thursday.  The best part about filling-in on the morning show: having the chance to wake up with the community. I’m really impressed with the amount of people who love to interact via Facebook and Twitter during the newscast… at the crack of dawn!

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priscilla queen of the desert

Broadway in Las Vegas

We work, we grind, we cover the events and news happening all across the Valley. But, sometimes it’s healthy to unwind.

Las Vegas is an incredible city to call, Home. When I first moved here, a colleague mentioned that it’s “trendy” to say there’s no culture in Las Vegas. He was right, that’s just a trend. The reality: there’s absolutely culture and community in this town. Whether you’re on or off the strip, there’s always something BIG happening. From celebrity appearances on the regular to art exhibits, museums galore and great broadway shows.

On the topic of Broadway, this Summer, get tickets to see Priscilla Queen of the Desert at The Venetian. The feel good musical is loud, proud and full of glitter, wigs, lipstick, elaborate costumes and of course, boas!

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For the love of comics

Getting out and about in the community, mingling with the movers and shakers that make Las Vegas tick… is a huge reason why I love my job.  I enjoy people and their stories, always have and will.

This week, with the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con in town, I took to Alternate Reality Comic Shop to shoot the weekly “13 Things To Do This Weekend” segment.

Alternate Reality Comic Shop from Megan Telles on Vimeo.

What I thought would be a quick turn-around piece, turned into much more. I met a man in the community, running a local comic shop. Simple, right? So wrong. Ralph is a mainstay in the Las Vegas comic-community, introduced to me by a colleague (Mark Otto) who’s a huge comic enthusiast. I posted a pic of Ralph to Facebook… and the out pour of love and respect for the man was undeniably a beautiful thing. He’s a quiet, kind and charismatic shop-owner, with a love for comics since the 1970′s. One of Ralph’s long-time customers wrote, “Ralph and his store introduced me to most of the comics I love today! One of the greatest men in the comic biz if you ask me. Attention much deserved.”

I’ll admit, I didn’t quite understand the craze around comics before meeting and listening to Ralph. But, I’m starting to get it. I look forward to getting back to the shop and picking Ralph’s brain about what it is about these “graphic novels” that light up the hearts and spark a sense of nostalgia, for so many. Stay tuned for that…

Until then, as a tribute to Ralph and all the comic-enthusiasts reading this, I’m headed to the theatre this weekend to see “Man of Steel” :)

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Good Morning Las Vegas appearance

Click below to view the headlines that broke overnight. Happy Monday — here’s to a week filled with positivity and productivity:

NSA whistleblower:

Ad agency under fire from Megan Telles on Vimeo.

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Screen shot 2013-06-19 at 12.09.04 AM

Morning Headlines: Friday, June 7

Did you miss this morning’s headlines on Good Morning Las Vegas? I have the trending stories, here:

National Security Agency tapping into major internet companies:

New fad: “Smoking Alcohol”:

Cheerful women in the workplace:

Tropical storm Andrea hits the coast of Florida:

sandy hook

Devastation in Connecticut triggers a larger conversation

Most of the nation woke up this morning, never predicting that the worst elementary school shooting in the U.S. would go down in history today. It was a case of mental-illness mixed with loaded guns that left Sandy Hook Elementary School (Newtown, CT), with 20 less children and 6 less adults. The gunman’s name is Adam Lanza.  A 20 year-old man who killed his mother, first. Children and adults next. Then, turned the gun on himself.  27 total deaths in Newtown today.

While this story is tragic and unimaginable to us here on the opposite side of the country, it’s a living nightmare for the parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters who must endure the loss of family, on this devastating December day.

President Obama spoke out in an emotional speech this afternoon, ABC’s Diane Sawyer interviewed a surviving teacher tonight. Her heart-wrenching interview [here].

In local communities, like here in Las Vegas, people took to social media to talk about the tragedy. Everyone, sends their condolences to the families mourning tonight:

“I have finally stopped crying, but It is when my 7 year old goes in to the kitchen and makes himself a bowl of cereal and says waaaa laaaaa — makes me cry all over to think I would not be able to see that anymore from him — mmmmm I feel for those parents who can’t anymore. Man this hurts so bad.” – Jenny Guerrero Bowser

“This is so heartbreaking sending all my thoughts and prayers to all the families in Newtown, Conn.” – Karen Hopkins

“So tragic my heart goes to all the families involved and god bless all. So many little innocent life’s taken.” – Abby Herrera

“My prayers go out to these babies and their family’s.” – Stevie Marie Guier

This is the biggest story of the day, and may be the biggest story of 2012.  So, we must ask ourselves… how are our local communities preparing for an incident like this? Do we have the proper security in our public school systems?

My older brother, Greg, a man who always shines light on the bigger picture,  took to Facebook with this statement:

“Stop the blame game. Stop blaming government. Stop blaming conservatives. Stop picking on liberals. Just grieve. There are mentally unstable people everywhere. Let’s focus on identifying the problems around us early and stop ignoring them. We cannot compare our minds to theirs. More mental health help..and increased background checks. Nothing’s wrong with guns, let’s just identify the source of the problem..the people.”

He has a point. So, what are your thoughts?  Is today’s tragedy a red-flag, proving that we need preventative care for the mentally-ill? Or is this a gun control issue? Or wait. In a culture that is entertained by violence, pays to see violence, glorifies violence in all forms of TV, film and video games… is this a cultural issue?

If so, how do we go about fixing that?

Sound off, below.

You can read more on today’s tragedy here:

Newton Teacher Refused to Unlock Door for Police Fearing Gunman’s Trick – ABC, World News with Diane Sawyer

President Obama cries during press conference on Sandy Hook shootings — msnNOW

Connecticut Shooter Adam Lanza: ‘Obviously Not Well’ –, The Blotter